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Jet Black Whispers - October 7th - The Blood Edition

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Jet Black Whispers - October 7th - The Blood Edition


"The Blood Edition"... I know, I know. Please. Shut the hell up about it.

Alright, getting on to the point. On TWD, this blog isn't gonna be as funny as the Twig edition.. but I can conclude on thing - There's a chance of funny bits at times.

Alright.. on to my day.. *sighs* (Yeah. Not really MY DAY. Mainly some bad news/thinga-majigger.)

My coughing's getting REALLY BAD. My dad said first I'm gonna cough out a certain something (To wich is too desgusting to mention) and afterwards... if it doesn't cure.. blood.

I've already got to the "other thing" stage.. so if it doesn't cure soon.. yup.. I'll be coughing out blood. ):

That won't be fun.. I know. *sighs*

And a bad thing.. I STILL have to go to school.. and do gym - Even if I'm gonna be coughing out blood.

I'll be a school freak, damn it! Yes I will! D=

Still.. worst is I'll be coughing out blood - period.


Fav 2009 song:

Break by Three Days Grace

(^^^ A MUST listen to! ^^^)

Alright.. bye. XP

~The Jet Black Whisper, Mia
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Jet Black Whispers - October 7th - The Blood Edition :: Comments

Bela Kiss

Post on Wed 07 Oct 2009, 4:44 pm by Bela Kiss

Get better soon Jet Black Whisperer!

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Post on Wed 07 Oct 2009, 4:50 pm by Dreamer

Aww! Feel better soon, Mia!
We ran the mile in Gym yesterday... it was hell. I ran the first four laps without stopping, got a cramp, walked for half a lap, ran for a lap, walked for half a lap, and sprinted into the finish line to come in... 46th place. xD Still, it was better than last year, when I came in 70 something.

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Fallen Archangel

Post on Wed 07 Oct 2009, 4:52 pm by Fallen Archangel

I'm just not ready to cough otu blood everytime I cough.. :/

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Post on Wed 07 Oct 2009, 9:59 pm by Tolly12bells

Oh my gosh... I'm so sorry! I hope you don't cough out blood either! That'd be horrible! I hope you get better!

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Fallen Archangel

Post on Thu 08 Oct 2009, 6:46 am by Fallen Archangel


I still have HW I need to do. xD

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