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Dream's Bloggy for October... 7th? Right? Yes, yes, it's the 7th.

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Dream's Bloggy for October... 7th? Right? Yes, yes, it's the 7th.

Smooth how I forgot the date, right?


Like a Star @ heaven October 7th Like a Star @ heaven

Today was Georgia's birthday, so me, Becca, Daisy, and Gabe went in early to decorate her locker. Jackie was nowhere to be seen. I think she's sick. Or dead... O.o JK. Lol, but that's what we say whenever someone is absent. Or when someone asked where someone is. Like, "Where's Jackie?" "She died." xD Wow, we're such freaks... Eye Roll
Anyway, we covered her locker in Winnie the Pooh wrapping paper (mature, I know xD), and put pictures of bunnies and llamas and Heath Ledger on it. Nod The bunnies and llamas... er, don't ask. We were also going to put a picture of a platypus on there, but Becca forgot to find a picture so we couldn't. But anyway, Georgia loved it. And she was really happy it's her birthday. She turned 14! And I'm not even 13 yet. Grrrr. She's a year older than all of us, so yeah.
But so yeah, that was fun.

Sophisticated vocabulary there Nadine. Eye Roll

AGH! Now I have xD and Eye Roll disease. I can't stop using those smilies!! Razz



So like a quarter of our grade goes to St.Joe's CCD (Like 95% of our grade is Catholic), and today was the "Religious Retreat" thing. So a quarter of our grade was absent today. Including - GASP OF HORROR - Ricky. Although, he might've just been sick again. He sounded like he was sick yesterday. Rolling Eyes Stupid sickness infecting Ricky! Grr you!


rendeer OMG! It's a reindeer! santa OMG! It's Santa! sunny OMG, it's Jesus! TIME TO SING CHRISTMAS CAROLS! Deck the hall with boughs of holly, fa la la la la -


It's not Christmas!

It's Halloween!! Twisted Evil

elephant <---- Look! Someone dressed up as an elephant!
elephant - "Hi!"
alien - "Cool costume, Mr.Elephant Dude!"
elephant - "You too, Alien Guy!"
alien - "Oh, this isn't a costume."

Er... random stupid corny outburst there. Eye Roll

Well, my day was overall pretty boring.

I got a 90% on my SS pop quiz! And a 92% on my Earth Science test! And a 100% (I think. I havent gotten it back yet) on my Spanish test! YAYYYYY!


I don't think I have anything else to report.





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Dream's Bloggy for October... 7th? Right? Yes, yes, it's the 7th. :: Comments

Bela Kiss

Post on Wed 07 Oct 2009, 5:12 pm by Bela Kiss

The ending of that was really random!

Dreamer wrote: <---- Look! Someone dressed up as an elephant!
- "Hi!"
- "Cool costume, Mr.Elephant Dude!"
- "You too, Alien Guy!"
- "Oh, this isn't a costume."


Happy Birthday Georgia!

Nadine, what's your favorite animal? I'm guessing that it isn't a platypus, llama, bunny or Heath Ledger. Anyway it's important you answer this question before your birthday. *COUGH*

Jackie died? Sad

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Post on Wed 07 Oct 2009, 9:46 pm by Dreamer


No, Jackie didn't die. Eye Roll I am sorry to disappoint. xD

Er, I'm not sure. I like... OH I KNOW! xD Snakes and koalas.

I think koalas should rule the government some day. cheers

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Post on Wed 07 Oct 2009, 10:02 pm by Tolly12bells

Snakes? Ew... Ack, I sounded weird. I don't like snakes. xD LOL! I loved the part "We decorated her locker with Winnie the Pooh wrapping paper. Mature, I know. Nod" You had me ROFLing! Glad you had a good day, and may Jackie and Ricky rejoin you guys soon!

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Post on Thu 08 Oct 2009, 7:50 am by Dreamer

Ahaah! Yes, snakes. They're pretty cool. Especially when they're poisonous.. buahahaha Twisted Evil Lol, and koalas are just so cute and fuzzy and they shall indeed rule the world in the near future.

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Bela Kiss

Post on Thu 08 Oct 2009, 10:51 am by Bela Kiss

Ah.. . . Nadine will certainly love her Birthday surprise from me.

Oh the suspense!!

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Post on Thu 08 Oct 2009, 5:41 pm by Dreamer

I got a gift in the mail from Sophie today ^^ She said to not open it till my actual birthday. I may not be able to wait that long. xD

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