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Dream's Happy Blog for October 9th ^^ A Ricky-filled day! xD

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Dream's Happy Blog for October 9th ^^ A Ricky-filled day! xD Empty Dream's Happy Blog for October 9th ^^ A Ricky-filled day! xD

Today was fun. (:

Like a Star @ heaven October 9th Like a Star @ heaven

Two days until my birthday. ^^

So this morning... I woke up. *gasp of shock* xD Er, well to get to the point - this morning I was at the bottom of my driveway waiting for the bus, which usually comes around 8:00, and it was like 8:10 and the bus hadn't come. So I called Claire (who lives three houses down the road to the right) and asked her if the bus came yet, and she said no and that Marissa (who lives five houses down the road to the left) was still waiting too. And then around 8:15 we saw Ceira drive past, and she gets picked up at like 7:50. So we were like, what's going on? So I walked to Claire's house and we both were waiting, and we were like wow the whole bus must be either really late or really early. So by then it was like 8:20 (and school starts at 8:30...) and Marissa got driven by her dad, and then it was like 8:25 and me and Claire and standing there at the bottom of her driveway in the cold. And then Halle's mom drives by, sees us and stops, and says, "The bus came early! You missed it!" and we were like what?! and so then she drove us to school and we were like a minute late. xD It was crazy. Eye Roll

And then I had gym... in which I hung out with Ricky and we were being total dorks as usual, to the supreme embarrasment of Katrina. Me and Ricky are like talking and British accents (he hearts British people too!! xD) and being all goofy and stuff and Katrina's like STOP IT GUYS! You're so weird. And then I told her to embrace her inner nerd, and she said she didn't have an inner nerd. xD And we did the fitness test today! My scores this year were significantly better than last. I got 24 seconds on the Flex Arm Hang (could've gone way longer but didn't feel like it), 43 sit-ups in a minute (Katrina was like, "Oh my God! Fourty frickin three!" xD), like eight seconds or something on that running thing (last year I got like 10) and I came in 46th in the mile run. (did I already mention that? Anyway, last year I came in last at like 70 or something. xD). So overall pretty good. Nod

And then SS, which is always fun, and then Math, which was boring as usual (I got a 92 on my test, though!! ^^) and then English which was fun as usual, and then Music, and he postponed our test to Tuesday. Smug And then lunch - which was awesome. I shall explain.

So my English teacher, Mrs.Reynolds, said that she would give extra credit to people who wanted to help her during their lunch period. I don't need extra credit. I have 100 average. But I thought it would be fun, and Ricky wanted to go too, so we went together. Well actually, he asked me in Math if I wanted to come and help Mrs.Reynolds with him during lunch and I was like, sure!

Tim had lunch detention so he was there, and Kevin was there for no reason. xD He wasn't helping and he didn't have detention, he was just there. And he hates English too, so it was weird.. Eye Roll And Marielle and Tatiana were there to help, too. So Ricky and me were working on copying down everyone's Six Word Memoirs (if you don't know what those are... oh well. I don't feel like explaining. xD) which took a while, but then we finished and ate lunch, and get this - I was eating a blueberry bagel today (it's purpleish-grey.. xD) and Ricky's like, "I remember you used to eat those in 2nd grade all the time! And strawberry bagels too." and I was like Shocked how the heck do you remember that?! And he was like I don't know! ( And it was even funnier because I didn't even remember he was in my class in 2nd grade. xD I knew he was in one of my classes, but I didn't remember which. I really didnt think it was 2nd, though! I thought he was in my first grade class. Eye Roll )
But anyway, by the end of the lunch period nobody was focusing. Tim and Kevin were throwing bottle caps at the walls and trying to catch them when they bounced back, Marielle, Ricky and me were on Youtube, showing Mrs.Reynolds a scene from the last episode of Glee that she missed, and Tatiana was.. IDK, somewhere. xD But it was so fun! Me and Ricky and gonna go back again on Tuesday. But the especially fun part was spending time with Ricky ^^ Because he annoyingly doesnt have a cell phone, facebook, AIM, or anything. Eye Roll

And then I had a test in Spanish... and then Reading was boring as usual... and then Earth Science was so ugh. It was last period, and the bell rang and we all jumped up and started for the door and Mrs.Capone was like "SIT BACK DOWN!!" and she held us for like three minutes. So by the time I got to my locker, Georgia, Becca, Jackie, Daisy and Gabe were already gone. So I'm angrily and hurriedly shoving my books into my backpack and then I hear from behind me in a British accent, "Hello!" and I turn around and Ricky was standing there nicely waiting for me, and I was like YAYYY you're not gone! And so then I walked to the buses with Ricky. ^^

Gosh, today was such a Ricky-filled day! I enjoy Ricky-filled days. Smug

Ricky knows I have a website, and wants to join, but I can't let him because I wrote that I like him all over the place. xD

Which really isn't very smart.. er... *goes to edit all Ricky-related posts* xD

Well, that is all.





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Dream's Happy Blog for October 9th ^^ A Ricky-filled day! xD :: Comments

Bela Kiss

Post on Fri 09 Oct 2009, 5:31 pm by Bela Kiss

It would be awesome if Ricky joined (yay a new idiotic weirdo!! *COUGH* ) -- although maybe not for him . .. I mean, he'd be the only boy besides Scottard and we all know Scottard never gets on.

YOU EAT BLUEBERRY BAGELS?? I haven't had a blueberry bagel. . . since I lived in Korea! Sad

I hope they decorate your locker with mentally ill strawberries! Yes.

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Post on Fri 09 Oct 2009, 5:40 pm by Dreamer

Yes, dear Scottard never comes on because dear Scottard takes three minutes to type sentance and has a mental thing that makes it nearly impossible for him to spell. Poor Scottard.
But I think Ricky would be cool with being here with all girls. Alot of his friends are girls. Eye Roll

Lol! I love blueberry bagels. ^^ They're yummyfull.

xD Mentally ill strawberries? Nice one.

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Bela Kiss

Post on Fri 09 Oct 2009, 5:43 pm by Bela Kiss

Poor Scottard indeed.

Why did I have to make Edarlitrix some random weirdo called Arsene Lupin? OH WHY?

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Post on Fri 09 Oct 2009, 5:46 pm by Dreamer

Yeesss... I feel really bad for him because he has a hard time in school because he can barely write. He has the spelling of a... first grader, and he's in fifth grade. It's so sad! He's really amazingly intellgent. If we were the same age, Scott would be way smarter than me. He's really smart but he can't express his ideas very well because he can't spell. It must be so frustrating for him. =/

xD Yeah I was wondering that too... randomnesss. Ahaha

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Bela Kiss

Post on Fri 09 Oct 2009, 6:01 pm by Bela Kiss

Most definitely. Ptahh, no matter how evil I am, I somehow manage to feel sympathy for Scottard. I certainly would hate to be intelligent beyond my years and yet unable to express my intellect with peers.

O.o That rhymed.

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Post on Fri 09 Oct 2009, 6:40 pm by Dreamer

Lol, yeah it did! What a Face

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Post on Fri 09 Oct 2009, 9:19 pm by Tolly12bells

Haha, you two. Eye Roll Ooh, it'd be sweet if he joined! I wish I could get some of my friends on here, but a lot of them aren't writers in the slightest. xP Ah well. xD *goes to edit all the Ricky related post*

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Post on Fri 09 Oct 2009, 10:17 pm by Dreamer

xD I'll also have to delete most of my blogs if I want to completely clear the site of all traces of liking Ricky. xD

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Post on Fri 09 Oct 2009, 10:34 pm by Tolly12bells

LOL! If I got Laurence on here I'd have to edit a ton of stuff. LOL!

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Post on Sat 10 Oct 2009, 10:06 am by Dreamer

Lol, yeah! It's better to just keep this site to us girlies >=D
xD IDK what was with that evil smiley, but... whatever. xD

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Post on Sat 10 Oct 2009, 11:28 am by Tolly12bells

LOL! Yeah. It's a GO site. (girls only. Rock on)

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Post on Sat 10 Oct 2009, 11:29 am by Dreamer

xD Rock on. Lol, I never say that, but it's cool Smug

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