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Dream's Exciting Blog for October 10th! :D

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Dream's Exciting Blog for October 10th! :D Empty Dream's Exciting Blog for October 10th! :D


Like a Star @ heaven October 10th Like a Star @ heaven

Yay. (:

I'm soooo excited!!

Today was pretty uneventful. Except that we made sugar cookie dough to bake tomorrow (because you need to let it chill overnight or something) and I got to lick the beaters Smug And we got my ice cream cake from Carvel... even though I don't like ice cream cake. xD It's just kind of a tradition in our family. We always get Carvel cakes for birthdays.

So we went to pick the cake up, and I look at it and I was like, "Agh! It's pink and purple!" It had pink trim and purple writing. Horrors. Probably they automatically thought - Nadine - girl - girly. Razz I'm anything but a girly-girl.

But I shall live.

And my mom's gonna make chocolate cake (with no icing.. because I only like icing plain, not on stuff. xD) tomorrow.

The party's at 1:30... and probably tomorrow morning I'll be helping bake sugar cookies and cake y voy a decorar con papel picado! (i'm going to decorate with paper decorations xD) And for some stupid reason, my mom says the theme of the party is orange and pink. I say ew. I want orange and black and purple. Or green and black... yesss... or green and silver/grey.... buahaha Slytherin colors. What a Face

I'm excited ^^

Around 3 PM tomorrow I'll be thirteen! YAYAYAYAYAYAY! I will officially be a teen. Twisted Evil And my mom can't stop me from seeing PG13 movies or having a Facebook because I AM THIRTEEN. What now?!?! xD

Today... I went outside. It was beautiful weather. Breezy and cool enough that I had to go back in for my northface, although I would've been fine with a sweater. The sky was brilliant blue with fluffy white clouds - and I saw a cloud shaped like a wolf! No lie. I was like Ehzno! Or Chris! Or Edarlitrix! xD And there were autumn leaves all over the lawn. Scarlet and gold and brown and banana.. xD Yellow with brown spots. Razz Which made me think about bananas, which made me think about banana muffins, which made me think about holy banana muffins, which made me think of Lauren. Eye Roll Which made me know how to spell banana correctly! Buaahaha.

My dad is juggling limes in the kitchen. xD And Scott's attacking him with a cucumber lightsaber. And then my dad got this squash and mimed chopping Scott's arm off and then he was like, "LUKE, I AM YOUR FATHER!" xD Ah, I have such a weird family. Eye Roll

I'm bored. I'm laying on the rug in the living room, listening to music and writing this blog. Right now. This very second.


Willow just walked over the keyboard. That was her.

Willow, you are so evolved. You can TYPE. And use fortune tellers correctly. xD But she can! I was like, Willow, pick a color. And she sniffed the fortune teller and then put her paw on green, and then when I was on the inside I told her to pick a number and she sniffed it again and then attacked the three, so her fortune was that she's going to live to be 101. xD

I'm eating an eclair! Yum. ^^

Now I'm jumping in HSM (High School Musical) poses! xD I'm hyper, if you can't tell.

Now I'm typing at lightning speed!! Wooooo! Silly

Now I'm listening to Misery Business

Now I'm boring you to death! Buahaha! Evil

Er.. right.





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Dream's Exciting Blog for October 10th! :D :: Comments

Fallen Archangel

Post on Sat 10 Oct 2009, 8:33 pm by Fallen Archangel

This blog made me ROFL, and made my mom think something was wrong. xD

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Post on Sat 10 Oct 2009, 9:34 pm by Dreamer

I re-read it just now, and I was cracking up, too. And my dad was like, "What's so funny, Nadine?" and I was like, "Something I wrote an hour ago." xD

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Post on Sat 10 Oct 2009, 9:35 pm by Tolly12bells

Holy banana muffins! LOL! I just about fell out of my chair, and onto my brothers friend, who happens to be my age. Awkward... Glad that bananas made you think of banana muffins, which made you thing of holy banana muffins, which made you think of MEEEEE! Haha, no kidding, you are hyper. Nod

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Post on Sat 10 Oct 2009, 9:46 pm by Dreamer

Ahaha, yes, whenever I hear Don't Stop Believing or hear someone say or see a banana, I think, LAUREN! xD
Yes, yes I am. I told my mom that I was hyper about five times in the past three minutes. And then I ate like four sugar cookies. xD

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Post on Sat 10 Oct 2009, 10:17 pm by Tolly12bells

OMG! xD Let me think... I haven't had anything uber sugary today, but I think hyper comes naturally to me. *sigh* I think I should probably do my Homework now. Thanks a lot Mr. Math Teacher and Mr. English Teacher, wow, I have a lot of dude teachers. xD

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