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Headstrong by Trapt - Mia has something to say about it

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Headstrong by Trapt - Mia has something to say about it

Post by Fallen Archangel on Sun 08 Nov 2009, 8:36 pm

I played a Karaoke game for the X-Box with my dad. We did this mode where we took turns, and were against each other. I always won. But that's because I always sang on the same song. XD I always got 30,000 and over. :3 The song was Headstrong [I don't know who its by... :/] AWESOME song! I sang ALMOST every single word on my 3 last tries! Silly The first time, I had already gotten then highest record; Platinum. XD My dad failed. XD]]

[[Here's the song I sang to.
[And, this is a conversation me and my dad had.

Me: Why don't you try Headstrong, then?
Dad: No. Its a fast song, with all its little words and how to always adjust the voice... its going to be too hard for me.

[[EDIT: Seems like its by Trapt. :3]][[So my kind of music. XD]]

[[Its Track 87. So scroll down to Track Number 87.]]]

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