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OMG! The dance (June 9th) Was so epic!

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OMG! The dance (June 9th) Was so epic! - Page 4 Empty OMG! The dance (June 9th) Was so epic!

Okay, we got to the dance, a song was playing. It was fun. Then, after about fifteen minutes, the DJ says, "Okay, this one's girl's choice." I walked over to Skyler, and asked if he wanted to dance. He said sure. But then, Chris's phone broke, so Skyler spent half the time trying to fix it. We finally started dancing, and Skyler smelled so good... (Just had to throw that out there.) So, anyway. Lauren and Jenna were spazzing out and miming hugging. When the song was over, I hugged him. He just sort of stood there for a minute, then hugged me back. I was spazzy.
*Fast forwards through the dance to the next slow song*
So, I asked Skyler again, and Colby came, and they started fighting over who got to dance with me. Not in the way you think, "No, you dance with her!" *pushes forward* "No you!" *pushes forward* over and over. It was rather amusing...
*Fast forward to last dance, which is a slow song*
I don't actually know the name of this one. So, I walked over to Skyler, poked him on the back and asked if he wanted to dance. He said sure, again. We started dancing, and discussing random things. He doesn't like to dress up either. And, he's only been to two dances because he's had baseball the others. Then, Grace came and asked if Skyler wanted to dance, I thought he was going to agree, but he just asked Grace to join us. It was awkward, space wise, and I kept running into him and stepping on their feet. We talked, apparently he likes a restraunt I really like too. We were talking and then the song ended. Grace left, and Skyler was leaving, but I sort of brought my arms up suggestively and moved towards him sort of. He took the hint and hugged me, it lasted for about five seconds. Best hug ever with him (even though I've only had three, one from behind, he didn't hug back, and one earlier at the dance.) It was amazing. He smelled so nice, I thought I was going to pass out. It felt like it went on forever, and I was completely fine with that. Oh, it was amazing, and I'm all jittery now. Razz Definitely the best dance. Oh, that was amazing... I love you

Oh, and, as a post script. During our last hug, when I was hugging him, I sort of squeezed him tighter, and he squeezed me back. (Boy that was awkwardly phrased...) And then, when he pulls back, when the hug was over, he's just like, "Okay...." and walked away.
Also, I learned his favorite band/music group, whatever you want to call it. He loves Led Zepplin.
If only this dance had been at the beginning of the year, so I'd have the whole year to get closer to him Smug

And, for Faithfully, a little conversation I didn't put in. We're dancing and I'm singing along, of course, and Skyler asks "Who's this by?" And I immediately say "Journey." He nods. "I take it you like Journey then." I nod. "Yeah, I think they're/it's (wasn't really sure which one to use...) my favorite group, band, whatever you want to call it. I actually requested this one." He nods, "Cool, so, what are your favorites then?" "Um, I think I would have to say Journey, They Might Be Giants, and The Dixie Chicks. With the occasional song by other random people." He nods, and says "cool" again. "So, what are yours?" "Um, I guess I like a lot, so, let's see, maybe Led Zepplin." "Cool." And then we sort of fall silent and I start singing the "oh oh oh ohoh!"s and then the song ends and we hug. Sorry, random piece of information... Razz

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OMG! The dance (June 9th) Was so epic! :: Comments


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I'm ever yooooo-uuuuurrrs....

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Post on Mon 14 Jun 2010, 12:01 am by superdork11

I'm still yours!

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