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Eileen's back from camp blog for August.... 9th?

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Eileen's back from camp blog for August.... 9th? Empty Eileen's back from camp blog for August.... 9th?

Well, hello! I'm back from camp! Accept, not really, I'm in Canada right now, we're driving home. I won't be home home for like, two weeks. I'm glad to be back though, with all of you. Well, ready for my overview of camp in a nutshell? Oh boy:

The night before camp I spend at my friend Klara's house across the lake from camp. My cousin Erik is there too. Needless to say we were loud and obnoxious and formed the Terrible Trica, 'cause it would be awkward if we were the Terrible Threesome... So, we arrive at camp the next morning before anyone else. I get settled into my tent, we sleep in cots in platform tents, and await the arrival of my tent mates later in the day. I checked out the seating chart, and lo and behold, I was at a table with Max for the whole summer! (Max is the guy at camp that I've liked since last summer. He's awesome, and super smart, he once read the dictionary cover to cover! We talk about a bunch of just random stuff.) So, Max arrives and then everyone at camp is there. We go through our typical schedule:
Wake up at 6:45, breakfast at 7. Tent clean up, details, assembelly (sp?), morning activities, instruction swim, dinner, rest hour, afternoon assembally, afternoon activities, free swim, supper, evening program, to sleep at 8:30.
Then, the first trip day. I'm in group three this year, we climbed the Parson/Martilou Traverse.
Normal schedule. Nothing really big happening, other than Alex, a first year camper starts to bug the heck out of me. He was my friend at the beginning of camp, but he started lying about everything, and it got really annoying.
Second trip day. It was amazingly hot, in the 100's and humid, so we had a beach party. Basically we go to different beaches around the lake and just swim. T'was fun.
Third trip day, Rooster Comb, in the High Peaks.
Fourth trip day, Lookout in the backcountry, we had to go through a swamp... It took an hour with the route that we were supposed to go, but Max, ever thinkingly, led us directly through the swamp, with no trail, but it cut our time in half, as we were already late for dinner. I got cut up the wazoo though.
Groups prepairing for big overnights. Group three gets to do Big Slide via the Brothers. Four summits in a day. We spend the night at a property of camp's in the High Peaks. We wake up, drive and start up the First Brother, there are three, and then Big Slide (which is a 46er. There are 46 mountains in New York state higher than 4000 ft.) We ran out of water on the top and basically ran down the mountain, litterally, t'was fun.
We get back, start packing up to leave camp about a week after we got back. The only thing bad about my councellor, was that she loves Twilight, even so prefers Edward to Jacob, and has never read Harry Potter. That's just shameful.
When people were leaving, I hugged Max twice!
Okay, enough of my rambling on!
Now, settling back in to civilization and electricity, from Canada, a bade you all farewell!
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Eileen's back from camp blog for August.... 9th? :: Comments


Post on Mon 09 Aug 2010, 8:11 am by Dreamer

Welcome back, Eileen! We missed you and your spazziness! Silly It sounds like you had a lot of fun!

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Music Is Love

Post on Mon 09 Aug 2010, 10:35 am by Music Is Love

EILEEN! Silly Welcome back! Haha yes, you and your spazzy self were missed. xD

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Post on Mon 09 Aug 2010, 11:33 am by Tolly12bells

WHOO! I knew most of this from your letters, but I got some new info that I couldn't read. (Your handwriting got bad again. xD) But we missed you and your spazzyness! The site was so lonely!

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Post on Mon 09 Aug 2010, 12:57 pm by summer

welcome back flower

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