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dreams of wonder

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dreams of wonder

Post by summer on Thu 12 Aug 2010, 10:32 am

dreams of wonder chapter 1

Pandora was a lovely little girl who dreamed of peace and happiness.
Pandora lived in a cottage not far off and loved every moment of it.
But one day it all changed her parents separated and things became
uneasy for Pandora.
Pandora then got sent to pack to go to her aunt's for the summer.
As pandora packed her things she felt damp tears rolling down her cheeks.
Pandora then heard her aunt's car draw up outside.
It was time for her to go she cuddled close to her dad and mum
and said ''goodbye''
her aunt was becoming impatient.
''Hurry up Pandora'' her aunt said
''i'm coming'' she mumbled
she then left the house climbed in the car and drove away.
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