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Riverside horse club

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Riverside horse club

Post by summer on Fri 01 Oct 2010, 2:52 pm

ch1 Moving out

My name is Zoey and when i woke up this morning i banged my head on the roof.
Me and my little sister Lulu share a bedroom but not for long because we're moving
today.We're moving to a town called Riverside and i'm hoping that they will have
a horse club because i've always been obsessed with horses.I once asked mum for a horse but she asked me where i would put it.So i was stuck at that point anyway i read horse magzines and i've got horse posters.I'm gonna miss my friends when i move but moving is exciting and i'm dying to leave.
I go down the stairs and i see the removal van outside so i know they've took the furniture by now.I see mum in the kitchen making me toast and jam.
''Hi mum'' i say
''hi Zoey'' she says.
She handed me a plate of toast and jam and i eat it.
I then go upstairs to get washed and dressed.
When i've done that i get a cardboard box and start packing my horse magzines
and all my stuff into it.Lulu comes in and empties out my box so then i have to sort it all out again.It took me half an hour to do so.
Mum called upstairs and asked if we were finished packing.
I ran downstairs with the box and i put the box on the floor.
I got my shoes on and put my box in the boot of the car i then go into the
car and we're off to Riverside.

Ch2 Moving in

I slept for the whole journey to Riverside and when i woke up i saw a
sign saying ''Welcome to Riverside'' i looked out of the window to see
what everything was like.When i looked out i saw stables,a big field,and a pen.
''Mum,Mum look at that'' i said
My mum turned around.
''Lovely darling'' she said without any interest
The rest of the journey to the house was quiet i didn't bother to talk for the rest of the journey could this really be happening when i finally find stables to go horse riding in, my mum isn't one little bit happy for me.This is my dream and she doesn't care less.
I'm going to have to bring the subject up again one way or another but how am i meant to do that it's going to be really difficult seeing as my mum isn't that easy to persuade.
When we drive past some trees i see in the distance a big wooden cottage.
When my dad drives up to the wooden cottage he parks.
I then get my box out of the car boot and run up to the house.
My dad comes up to the door and opens it there inside is a lovely small kitchen,a big living room,a bathroom,and my bedroom.My bedroom was great and i had a great view of the mountains.We began unpacking everything we managed to finish the bedrooms and the kitchen but that was it.Later that day i looked out the window and saw up in the mountains a dark figure with a horse.I wish that was me there must be some way to persuade mum.
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