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Tick Tock

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Tick Tock

Post by Tolly12bells on Tue 17 May 2011, 12:05 am

'Kay, guys... Kind of went crazy with poems tonight... Here are three. xD

Tick Tock

Around, around, around
Second by second
Minute by minute
Hour by hour

This clock keeps
Right on tick tocking
Away the time left
Before time itself is up

Determined to finish it's job
As fast as it possibly can
Cutting off the moments
That should have lasted

Be back in a second
I need a minute
See you in an hour
Love you for a lifetime

Everything revolves
Right along with the hands
On this clock that has
Become the basis of our lives

Whizzing in circles
Must. Go. Faster.
Too short. Too long.
Time is never satisfied

Confined to its path
Over, over, and over
Trying to be a model
Of what our lives should be

Life doesn't run in a circle
It forms a long line
Clocks should be stretched
So that they can last a lifetime

Or why even bother
With keeping the time?
Why measure life
In a number of days?

Why not in smiles?
Laughter, and tears?
But no, every where we go
Tick tock, tick tock


Shielded from the world
Day after day
Wanting to peer out
But not sure what to say

This disguise claims I'm strong
But I'm broken inside
My self-esteem plummets
And gone is my pride

Slipping from my grasp
Is my ability to trust
And my tear ducts are now
Beginning to rust

Unable to rid
Myself of this veil
My mind is running
Off of it's rail

How can I explain
Just what's wrong with me
When I've locked myself out
And misplaced the key?

It's scary to realize
You've been lying to yourself
That's when you know
It's too late for help.

I've fooled you all, too
Now, I'll never be free
I have to live up
To what you think of me.

My minds' eye sees disaster
Friendships crumble and fall
It's terrifying to know
I might cause it all

But I can prevent it
With this ability
To keep on this disguise
And just pretend that it's me.


Pressure builds up inside
Threatening to lash out
At any possible second
The tears are flying,
Causing a flood below.
I find myself
Roaring with agony
As the electricity
Expands outwards
It all becomes too much
And then ZAP
Comes the lash
A flash of burning light
Wreaking havoc on
Whatever it strikes
I moan again
Filled with guilt
I am so ashamed.


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Re: Tick Tock

Post by superdork11 on Tue 17 May 2011, 8:30 am

i like Mask a lot, it's really good, and Storm, and then so is tick tock.
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