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Dream's Bored Bloggy for September 25th - Kill me now.

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Dream's Bored Bloggy for September 25th - Kill me now. Empty Dream's Bored Bloggy for September 25th - Kill me now.

Aghh. SUCH a boring day.

Like a Star @ heaven September 25th Like a Star @ heaven

I'm ill. This resulted in staying home from school. This resulted in missing picture day. This also resulted in me being bored. This resulted in me sitting around all day wishing I had something to do. This resulted in me trying to take a nap. This resulted in me failing to fall asleep. This resulted in me playing with my kitten. This resulted in Willow scratching me to death. This resulted in band-aids. This resulted in me trying to find something else to do. This resulted in me trying to use good vocabulary. This resulted in a thesaurus. This resulted in me saying, "Screw the thesaurus" and just looking up synonyms on Word. This resulted in me wasting about ten minutes trying to find a good synonym for the word "long". This did not end well. This resulted in me being angry. This resulted in me sulking. This resulted in me raiding the pantry for the last zuchini muffin >=D This resulted in my mom yelling at me, because she was saving that for Scott. This resulted in... I dunno. This resulted in me coming online. This resulted in nobody being online because it's a school day. This resulted in uber boredom. This resulted in me adding some new stuff to the forum. This resulted in me finishing adding stuff and being bored again. This resulted in me browsing the forum. This resulted in me discovering I had not made my blog for the day. This resulted in my wasting ten minutes of my time with this annoying speech, because of which you will probably scream in horror if you ever hear someone say "This resulted in..." again.

This concludes my blog for September 25th.




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