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Dream's Happyful Bloggy for October 2nd

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Dream's Happyful Bloggy for October 2nd Empty Dream's Happyful Bloggy for October 2nd

Yay! I had a good day for once!

Like a Star @ heaven October 2nd Like a Star @ heaven

An overview of what happened today - school, fun with Ricky. Smug Homecoming, fun with Becca. Erm... yeah. That's it. xD


My birthday is in 9 days!!!! OMG OMG OMG YAYY! I'm almost 13! Yessss.

So anyway. Back on topic.

So. You all know how I like Ricky, right? Well, yeah. I was talking to him like alllll day today. It was awesome.

So at recess, we were talking like the entireee time, and we made up our own theme song. (Lmao, long story. Ricky made it up, and we call it "The Outcast Theme Song" and we have a handshake that goes with it. xD) So anyway, that was soo fun. And I was texting Daisy after school and she said saw Ricky and me at recess and she was like AWWW SO CUTE! Lol. So then, Ricky and I also talked in Math, and in Social Studies he sat next to me without me telling him to sit next to me. Smug It was pretty cool. I was sitting in the back corner and Ricky just walks over and sits down next to me. And usually, he would sit in the middle/front. So that was cool. And at the end of the day, I told him to put his number in my phone, but HE DOESNT HAVE A PHONE. It was, like, so tragic. And it ruined my grand scheme..... to text him sometime maybe. xD But anyway, then we walked to the buses together. Which was fun. ^^

So that was my Ricky-filled day of fun... er, yeah. Oh, and if I didn't already tell you guys, yesterday he put his arm around me. Smug Well, for like thirty seconds... because Jackie pulled me away. Razz But yeah.

You know what I like about my friends? We're a group of girls and boys, so it's more interesting.

Like, for other people, you have all the girls sitting there giggling over the popular guys and fashion stupidness, and then you have us.

I'm talking to Ricky, Becca is trying to teach AJ how to be sad (he's ALWAYS smiling. It's creepy. xD ), Gabe and Daisy are listening to the same iPod and hugging and stuff (they're going out and they're such a cute couple!!), Kerick is running through the circle every minute or so screaming nonsense, Jackie's saying something random, Georgia's talking to everyone at large or to no one... it's fun. It's cool. Cause we're just awesome like that. Twisted Evil

Erm.. what was I gonna talk about now?

OH YEAH! Homecoming.

So it's like a huuuuge high school football event. Our team beat the other people (I know who they were, just don't wanna post their town cause of safety reasons) 20 to 0. TWENTY TO ZERO!!! Lol. But Becca and I weren't watching the game... we were just walking around talking to Mike and Sarah and that other kid... Daniel? Derek? Dean? IDK, his name starts with a D... whatever. OH. David. Riiiight. Anyway, they're all in 7th grade. Younger than us. But they're cool. We went over to the opposing team's side, and screamed "GO *insert my town name here*!!!!" and they got all pissed off at us.. it was fun. Other than that, David and Mike went up to random people asking for hugs, and David got turned down a billion times but almost everyone hugged Mike. xD Cause Mike, like, knows everyone. Lol, and you may think this is kind of sad, but we were singing One Time and You Belong With Me (MY FAVORITEST SONG) and then, Mike had to go.. so Becca and I are just walking around on the turf soccer or whatever feild which is behind the football feild, and I was saying how I was probably never going to go to this high school... because I'm going to private high school next year. Most likely. And then we were talking about how everyone thinks I'm the shy, quiet braniac girl and I'm SOOO not. Yes, I'm intellgent, very, but I'm not at all shy or quiet in any way. I was like that. But that's because I was hiding myself from the world. And now that I want to be myself, everyone still sees me as that shy, quiet girl... so anyway we were talking about that, and then the game was over... TWENTY TO ZERO!! WOOOOOOOOO! xD Erm, so then, my parents picked us up, and then, we dropped Becca off (she lives right near me) and then... we went home and here I am. Nod


I know I was going to say something else...

Bah, I don't remember. No

So remember, guys: MY THIRTEENTH BIRTHDAY IS OCTOBER 11TH. Hint hint, please don't forget it's my birthday and make me feel unloved... because it's been two years in a row now that my real life friends forgot my birthday and forgot to decorate my locker. Sadness... Sad


I think that is all.

(Does anyone know what language ciao is in?! xD)

Dream <3


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Dream's Happyful Bloggy for October 2nd :: Comments


Post on Fri 02 Oct 2009, 10:42 pm by Tolly12bells

I know what language Ciao is in. Smug Spanish. Nod I'm pretty sure it's another language too. But I'm glad to hear that you had a good day Nadine! LOL, hey, it's not so bad having your friends forget. Last year my birthday was on Picture Day, all my friends forgot it was my birthday, and didn't decorate my locker, and all the kids on the bus started yelling at me because my friend next to me was singing. xD Just my luck. Well, congrats on your uberly cool day!

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Post on Fri 02 Oct 2009, 10:53 pm by Dreamer

Ah, I thought it was Spanish or French or something like that... xD
Lol, last year, they I walked into school and I was like, "thanks for remembering my birthday, guys. thanks." and they were all like omg its your birthday?! and did a very poor job of decorating my locker (they put a bow and covered half of it with wrapping paper, and they didn't have tape so they used little post-it flags. Eye Roll ) the next day. And then in sixth grade, they decorated it like two weeks later, and the janitors took it down that same day.

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Post on Fri 02 Oct 2009, 10:55 pm by Tolly12bells

ROFL! That sucks. I'm sorry! This year my birthday was on a Saturday. So no luck there. xD And my brother barfed three times. Ew...

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Bela Kiss

Post on Sat 03 Oct 2009, 10:36 am by Bela Kiss

Twenty to zero!?!?!??!?! pshh that is retarded! The other team must suck. It looks like you really do have a crush on Ricky, on your other blog you were like 'I think I might have a teeny tiny crush on Ricky' but it seems a little bit more then teeny tiny. Don't worry, I won't forget your birthday.


I was gone during Lauren's birthday... so I never got to tell her Happy B-day!
Well, here goes!

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY LAURENNN!!! Dream's Happyful Bloggy for October 2nd Closedgrin Edarlitrix says Happy Pumpkin Day!!!...? What?

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Post on Sat 03 Oct 2009, 1:19 pm by Tolly12bells

LOL! Thanks Sweety! It's cool. Smiley Um, thank you Edarlitrix. xD Sweety's right Nadine, I think this is a bit more than teeny tiny. Don't worry though. xD We won't tell him, or shall we? Smug

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Post on Sat 03 Oct 2009, 5:54 pm by PeggySnow

Glad to hear you had a good day! I'll make sure to remember your birthday Nod I have something planned.... yes....

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Post on Sat 03 Oct 2009, 6:11 pm by Tolly12bells

Lol, I know what she is planning. Smug

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Post on Sat 03 Oct 2009, 10:38 pm by Dreamer

*Gasp* I clicked the spoiler... and now I know too O.O I shall forget before my birthday. Smug

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Post on Sat 03 Oct 2009, 10:46 pm by Tolly12bells

xD Naughty Nadine. Smug

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