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Dream's Blog for Sep- ah! October! xD October 4th

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Dream's Blog for Sep- ah! October! xD October 4th Empty Dream's Blog for Sep- ah! October! xD October 4th

I almost wrote September.. but I caught myself. xD

Like a Star @ heaven October 4th Like a Star @ heaven

Fun times today!

Well, I didn't do anything special, really.

I woke up around 10, had a muffin (a pumpkin muffin!! Smug ) for breakfast, and then lazed around for half an hour.. ahaha.

And then I came on here, replied to some stuff, was fatally bored, and decided to put my playlist on here, so I did, and then I was bored again.. RPed with Mia on Twig (Chris nearly died Shocked ), and then my dad made me get off.

So I went outside and played football with Scott and my dad, except it was more a I-score-fifty-million-touchdowns-while-Scott-wrestles-with-my-dad sort of thing. Eye Roll

And then I went down to the lake and walked around on the beach for a while. Which was amazing. It's like the perfect temperature here. In the low 70s. And all the leaves are changing so theres tons of brown, gold and scarlet leaves on the ground. And the water was pretty still. It was practically like glass except for a few ripples. Nod And so I'm walking (I walked nearly halfway around the lake) and occasionally stopping to sit on a rock or climb a tree and such. There's this rock at the edge of the shoreline that's shaped like a heart, and it's big enough for two people to sit on. I was thinking, how cute would it be for a couple to come sit on the heart rock? That would be so cute. xD


Ricky was in my dream last night! I forgot what happened, though. Typical me. Eye Roll

Tra la laa....

I have Nine In The Afternoon stuck in my head. I can't stop singing it. Into a room where it's nine in the after- NO! STOP! Wallbash xD

I had a heated debate with myself earlier today. Lol, I told myself maybe I didn't like Ricky, and then I told myself not to be stupid, of course I do, and then I asked myself why I liked him and then I told myself why, and myself told me that I was stupid, and I told myself that if I was stupid so are you! And then myself told me I was insane and to stop talking to myself.

Silly I'm crazy.

La de dah...

7 days until my birthday!!! *hyperventilates* Er... sorry.

My mom went to the mall today and she came back and wouldn't show me what she got. She hid the bags somewhere. I suspect her closet. Eye Roll

When the 6th HP book came out, I was punished at the time, so my punishment was that I had to wait a week to read it. She bought it and hid it. It was in her closet. I read it secretly and put it back and then read it again when she finally gave it to me. xD

Gah. I have no one to talk to... Sad

Now I have I'd Lie stuck in my head.. I heart that song! He stands there then walks away my God if I could only say, I'm holding every breath for you... he'd never tell you, buth e can play guitar, I think he can see through, everything but my heart, first thought when I wake up, is my God he's beautiful, so I put on my makeup, and pray for a miricle... yes I could tell you, his favorite color's green, he loves to argue, oh and it kills me, his sister's beautiful, he has his father's eyes, if you asked me if I loved him, I'd lie...
Ah. Bestest song.

Wow, you just wasted five minutes reading my random nonsense! Silly

Ah, well.





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Dream's Blog for Sep- ah! October! xD October 4th :: Comments

Bela Kiss

Post on Sun 04 Oct 2009, 6:30 pm by Bela Kiss

OMG!! PUmpking muffin!! Dream's Blog for Sep- ah! October! xD October 4th Love

Erm.. Sorry about that. Edarlitrix is obsessed with pumpkins and anything related to pumpkins... Dream's Blog for Sep- ah! October! xD October 4th Icon_wink
Sorry about Chris... heheheh
NINE IN THE AFTERNOON!!! My all time favorite song!! hahah You probably already knew that... I have it on my playlist, anyway. Dream's Blog for Sep- ah! October! xD October 4th Icon_razz
The low 70s? I went for a walk.. and it was like 90 degrees!!! Dream's Blog for Sep- ah! October! xD October 4th Icon_sad
Edarlitrix has something else to say.... pssh hold on

MERRY PUMPKIN DAYYY!!! Dream's Blog for Sep- ah! October! xD October 4th Santa

He's hyper. Dream's Blog for Sep- ah! October! xD October 4th Icon_pirat

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Post on Sun 04 Oct 2009, 6:54 pm by Tolly12bells

Sounds like you had a fair day! xD I didn't wake up until 10:57 this morning. Whoa, low 70's? It's about 45ยบ here!

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