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I'M BAAAAAAAACCCCCKKK! (June 21st-25th) Empty I'M BAAAAAAAACCCCCKKK! (June 21st-25th)

I ish back from camp! Twas AMAZING his year!! The best one I've been too!
There were a couple suckish parts though...
First, our room was right next to a room full of boys we didn't know, and across from a room of boys from our group. There was a door joining ours and the boys next door's room which wasn't cool. We kept it locked of course but we usually woke up to them singing of talking to us. >.>
Next day, when we do outside activites and me and meh roomies are all dirty and wet, the water shuts off in the entire building. ._.
Next day, our air conditioner brakes. We have to move into a new room xP We keep the old one for showers and the fridge though.
Nothing else bad really happened after that (:
Friday night, the last night was amazing!! Instead of having service everybody preformed their workshop (stuff like Flags, Dance, Hip Hop, Drama, ect.) It was awesome! Me and Chelsea hadn't gotten what we wanted, and ours was extrmely boring though. Oh well!
My favorite preformance was Hip Hop! Defiantly the best! At the end everybody stood in a line and with the (totally fine) teacher in front , they all did the jerk xD When everything was allover we packed, and heded out for the usual late Friday night hall party! xD But this year, it was a huge pillow fight, not a party xD Me and my friends and some other girls all ganged up on one of the guys that was next door to us and chased him down the hallway and beat him with pillows until he was on the ground in a ball! xD He was okay though. (Did I say we HATE that guy? >.>) After everyone else was in their rooms, me and Olivia and Ashly stayed out talking about how sad we were that camp was over, until 1:30 in the morning (our room was locked and we didn't have the key plus it was impossible to break into with our name tags xP)
Oh and Wednesday, the 23rd, my "lovely" friends tortured me. They told one of the Pastors it was my birthday. When he did mail call me made me go to the front and stand on the stage so everyone could sing to me. I didn't go of course by the time they started singing i was laying across my friends from them pulling me towards the front xD The whole week people kept saying happy birthday to me. xP
Anyways. We woke up Saturday morning all grumpy and complained that everyone was too happy, it being 7 in the mrning TT_TT We loaded up the vans and took off for breakfast (me in my pajama bottoms and camp shirt xD) We ate, said goodbye to a few people, and left. I cried on the way home :/
I really miss camp. It's my home, which is kinda sad considering I've only technically spent 4 weeks of my life there. We met lots of awesome people that I miss bunches! I cried my eyes out thinking that I may never see them again. :'(
It was a very sad day today. But camp was life changing, so I'm okay! Smile

Lost The Game recently? Wink
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Music Is Love
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I'M BAAAAAAAACCCCCKKK! (June 21st-25th) :: Comments


Post on Sat 26 Jun 2010, 10:38 pm by Dreamer

Ahh, that sounds like soo much fun, Katie! Silly

& yes, I lost The Game about twelve times today. xD

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Post on Sat 26 Jun 2010, 11:40 pm by Tolly12bells

Awesome! Silly That sounds like so much fun!

Shnizzleberry Doodles, Kaitie! Wallbash I hadn't lost at all today!

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