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  • 20150726
    Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I've posted a blog on here. A lot has changed since I was 11 so here is an update:
    I am now fifteen turning sixteen, two weeks tomorrow.
    After the Summer holidays I will be in my second last year of secondary school (high school)
    I figured out that I want to work in the film industry
    I still can't swim. (I thought I'd let you know because I was reading my primary 7 swimming lesson posts, and how the swimming teachers said I would be able to swim by the end of those lessons. They were wrong.
    I am still writing, and keeping up with...

    by summer - Comments: 0 - Views: 386
  • 20110608
    Okay, we haven't had a blog in a while, so, I thought I'd mention it here. Smile


    I kissed Laurence on the cheek!

    Well... I tried, anyway... He kinda spazzed (like only he can) and I missed and kissed his neck...

    EEEP! Best dance of the year, definitely. Also, I danced with him, three times. I told him I like him.

    Also, while...

    by superdork11 - Comments: 22 - Views: 1671
  • 20110325
    Ok i'm back on at normal time i've finished 2 pieces of work.
    The only time i will not be on at all is Monday-Wednesday. (not counting Thursday
    because i'll be on at normal time that day.) The reason for that is i'm going on
    a holiday with my class and they'll be a lot of outdoor stuff going on so yeah.

    by summer - Comments: 0 - Views: 569
  • 20110322
    I am proud to announce that swimming was over last week.
    Now i'm not proud to announce that i will be on less because i've got lots
    of work to get done this week before i go on my class holiday next week
    which lasts 4 days.So yeah i'm a very busy bee.

    by summer - Comments: 2 - Views: 575
  • 20110217
    So anyway today we had two new teachers
    for swimming,one that went in the pool and one that didn't.
    The two people who needed help had the teacher who
    was in the pool and that was me and Robin.
    Though Robin is trying to tell her he doesn't need help.
    I do and i was improving just going up and down the pool
    with a little float thing,floating and kicking my legs a bit.
    So yeah that was fun but then it came to trying to learn how
    to swim on my back which i will never do.
    She was trying to get me to trust her and i just couldn't do it.
    I just don't...

    by summer - Comments: 4 - Views: 570
  • 20110203
    This week of swimming was great i tried with one float swimming on my front did really well then we did the backwards i still can't float backwards.
    Then when we had to it on our front again and then i said to my teacher
    i think i can do it without a float and i was doing really well without one i ended up
    nearly slipping because everyone was watching me.
    I'm almost there, then at the very end we had to put our faces into the
    water and had to close our mouths i accidently opened my mouth and water went in
    and i choked i think i was begginng to cry a bit and i think...

    by summer - Comments: 3 - Views: 579
  • 20110209
    To make up for not going to post a swimming post tomorrow because i'm not going i thought i would tell you what dorm i'm going in and who i'm sharing with.
    If you don't know what i'm talking about what dorm i'm going in it's
    a class holiday for 4 days with like canoeing and hiking and more!
    Anyway this is what my dorm is called and who i'm sharing with.

    Dorm Name: Dray
    People i'm sharing with: Ashleigh,Carlie,and Charlotte.

    by summer - Comments: 4 - Views: 560
  • 20110127
    Nothing much happened this week at swimming except that we went on an amazing bus that had music on, practically everyone was singing along.

    by summer - Comments: 3 - Views: 567
  • 20110120
    Today was much better it was our second week and i didn't cry and our bus wasn't late this time.I sat with Bethan on the way there and we were first again to do the swimming.
    I was so excited, before we started she told us to sit at the side of the pool.
    Then she told us to turn over and jump in i actually managed to do that, last week i was too scared to do it so i just jumped.We then got numbers and got a float and started kinda kicking our legs i didn't really move much.Then she gave me a second float to steady myself a bit more and gave a pointer about kicking our legs and leg length.

    by summer - Comments: 2 - Views: 571
  • 20110114
    Today it was my teacher Mrs Macleod's birthday and we had planned a party for her.
    In the afternoon as planned Mr Mccallum took Mrs Macleod to his office and when she went away we all got out of our seats and started to get everything ready.
    I started to find a hiding spot where i could jump from Ashleigh and Bethan started putting up posters saying happy birthday on the walls,Vahtan went on the laptop and requested by emily he put firework by Katy Perry on.We were making so much noise doing it that Mrs Swan had to tell us all to be quiet.The other class came to join us and they started...

    by summer - Comments: 5 - Views: 579
  • 20110113
    In school we lined up in the hall to wait for the bus when a teacher came out and said the bus was going to be late everyone sighed.
    Today was our first week of swimming and everyone was so happy and excited apart from me i can't swim and am kinda scared of the water.
    ''I'm feeling sick''i said to Bethan who was standing next to me.
    ''Rachel it will be ok'' Bethan said
    a few minutes after that i heard someone shout the bus is there just at that moment i looked forward and the bus was just about to turn the corner to park so we could all get on.
    When we were there we went...

    by summer - Comments: 4 - Views: 567
  • 20110109
    I went back to school on Thursday and i had a great day.
    Well this is what happened when the bell rang i walked into class
    and put my bag on my chair and then opened my bag and took out my friend Bethan's late christmas present.

    ''Sorry this is a bit late'' i said laughing
    ''It's ok'' she said.
    Then Craig butted in Craig is the person i sit next to in class.
    ''That is a bit late'' he said
    ''ok quiet!'' My teacher shouted.
    ''Right Euan and Eoin please get the maths jotters we're going to do
    some maths'' she announced
    Oh great a great way...

    by summer - Comments: 7 - Views: 612
  • 20101202
    Hi it's great to be back after like two months.
    You probably didn't even notice i was gone XD.

    by summer - Comments: 9 - Views: 628
  • 20101029
    Today was the best day of my life. I don't care if you don't wanna know, Imma tell you anyways. Excuse my language at some parts, you'll know why at the end xDD

    PART 1: SECOND PERIOD (aka, Gym)
    Gym. Second period. I didn't dress out, and neither did Justin, and the coach sits him next to me about 1 1/2 seats away. So we just start talking a bit, just about random things xD. And then there's this little sixth grader, about 5 or seats down from Justin. He starts making fun of him (isn't Justin nice? xD). The kid was pissing Justin off, and Justin says that the kid and the girl next...

    by Music Is Love - Comments: 14 - Views: 760
  • 20100924
    Well, Eileen and I are back! We both had a great time. I'm not going to tell you about the whole week, cause that would take FOREVER! But I will give you the funniest quotes, and tell the story behind it. Read the ones you're most interested in. Or all of them, if you feel like it.

    "Bow down to the mighty great chile pepper!" -- Sophia
    In our room, there were two big posters about the chile pepper. xD Kate came out of the bathroom and we're all lying around waiting for...

    by Tolly12bells - Comments: 18 - Views: 809
  • 20100901
    Yo to the flam!

    I went back to school today! Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy

    by Tolly12bells - Comments: 30 - Views: 1095
  • 20100906
    I won't be posting on these blogs anymore (well maybe sometimes).
    I've got a blog which i'm updating more often on.
    If you want you can look at it and comment it it's in the advertisement
    bit of the forum.
    Hope you like it.

    by summer - Comments: 0 - Views: 585
  • 20100831
    As the title suggests, I went back to school today. Sad Wallbash It was SO stinkin' hot, it's not even funny. Th school has no air conditionings in ny of the classrooms, (except special ed., and the office of course) meaning that every classroom (on the top floor... where I just so happen to be on... tongue) is 90 degrees.

    by PeggySnow - Comments: 7 - Views: 589
  • 20100831
    We got our class pictures taken today. Smile

    by summer - Comments: 0 - Views: 586
  • 20100809
    study School starts for me next week i can't wait i am so excited.

    by summer - Comments: 80 - Views: 2213

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