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My mini-blog for the 20th of Sept.

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My mini-blog for the 20th of Sept. Empty My mini-blog for the 20th of Sept.

I got back from my mini-vacation yesterday evening. My evil sister stayed home because she's old enough *woot! 18* to stay by herself! So we went to this wildlife refuge.... and they had several trails to go on, the longest being 1.4 miles and the shortest being .1 mile. My mom insisted on going on the .1 one but we went on a .7 instead. Bad, bad mistake. There were so many mosquitoes my dad and I ran the whole trail and left my mom to get eaten.... xD The only animals we saw where some deer... Razz

And we went to an art museum that had the worst art I had ever seen, including some R rated art... right next door to the art museum was a science and history museum, I liked it way better. It had all these skulls and skeletons, walls lined with all sorts of sea shells, taxidermy stuffed animals, and the history part had old typewriters, cameras, lamps, and phones. My sister collects old phones and lamps...

Nothing else really....
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My mini-blog for the 20th of Sept. :: Comments


Post on Sun 20 Sep 2009, 11:56 am by Dreamer

Oooh, I hate animals that are stuffed. They creep me out. Cause, they're like, dead, but they're staring at you!! Creepyness... xD

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