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Dream's Bloggy for September 20th - O.o

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Dream's Bloggy for September 20th - O.o Empty Dream's Bloggy for September 20th - O.o

Well. Today was mildly exciting.

September 20th

Waking up to a fire alarm is a great way to start your morning! O.o
So I'm like half-awake, it's 10:00 AM, which is early waking up time for me, and I'm trudging down into the kitchen. I walk over to the cabinet, get a poptart, put it in the toaster, and then a minute later take it out and sit down to eat my breakfast. And then I hear, really loud, the fire alarm going off. "BEEEEEEEP! FIRE! BEEEEEEEEP! FIRE!" It's beeping really high pitched and then saying "Fire" in an anomatronic voice. So since I'm so tired, I'm just all confused and not panicking, so I walk into the office and ask my mom what's going on, because there's no smoke, no fire that we can see. And then the fire departmant calls and we go searching the house for a fire but there is none, no smoke either. So we have to call the alarm company and ask them why the alarm went off and they don't know either. Rolling Eyes So there was no fire. But it was mildly exciting to have the fire deparment call and spazz out because of the fire alarm. xD

So then, we went to church, which was boring. I saw Shannii though! Which was cool. But overall, boring.

Oh! I never told you guys about last night. ^.^
Well so we went over to my grandma's house, and everyone was just getting there even though we were like half an hour late xD So I say hi to Kimby, and she's wearing this coolie Dumbledore's Army shirt Nod Anyway, me and Kimby took to "critisizing" Grandma's house xD Idk, but it's a blast. Her door the leads down to the basement has this small hole near the top from the door stopper, but me and Kimby were like, "GRANDMA! Is that a bullet hole?! Who are you inviting to these parties?!" xD Cause, our grandma is really fun, she's always having parties and she rides a motorcycle and stays up till like 2 AM every night. But we all have fun teasing her. About everything. From how she pronounces words to the painting hanging in the hallway in her beach house. xD
So anyway, then after we were done with that, Kimby, Aimee, Charlie, Ben and I went down to the basement and we played poker xD It was fun. They were trying to teach my how to play, but the whole thing was an epic fail. In the last round, we all just went all in even though everyone had crappy cards. Aimee won. xD
So then, we had dessert. Ice cream sundaes and cake. Yumm. So then everyone is in the other room, and me and Kimby go into the kitchen. All the leftover sundae glasses (like those tall glasses you get in ice cream places ^.^) are turned upside down cause Grandma has this thing, she thinks if cups and bowls are right-side up they're going to collect dust. So me and Kimby turn every cup in the kitchen right side up. And then, we take one of the sundae glasses, wet it down a tiny bit, and cover it in flour. And then we go into the dining room and run up to Grandma, saying, "Grandma! Look how dusty this cup is! You leave them right side up for one second and they collect all this dust! This is disgusting!" xD
And then afterwords, Aimee, Ben and Charlie drove themselves to the movies (they're all 17) to go see.... Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. xD When we were playing poker, Ben said they were going to go, but we thought he was being sarcastic. But they actually went. xD
So in the meantime, Kimby, Scott and I transform Grandma's basement into a haunted house. xD It was hilarious. And my aunt, Kimby's mom, was actually slightly startled. xD We had Kimby sitting in a chair, motionless with a sumbrero covering her face (Don't ask. xD) and then as they walked past Kimby popped up and screamed, and my aunt actually jumped back and screamed a tiny bit. xD

Well. That was last night.

And today...

Is boring.



- Dream


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Dream's Bloggy for September 20th - O.o :: Comments

Bela Kiss

Post on Sun 20 Sep 2009, 12:43 pm by Bela Kiss

LMBO!!! xD a sombrero covering Kimby's face! I could clearly imagine it....

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Post on Sun 20 Sep 2009, 1:06 pm by Dreamer

Lmao, I know. And she was wearing a cape, too. xD She was sitting hunched over in a chair and there was a table in front of her, and she wasn't moving, so all you see is a sombrero tilted slightly, halfway on the table, and then she just jumped and started screaming. xD

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Post on Sun 20 Sep 2009, 5:28 pm by Webkinz-lover#1

Hah, sounds fun. XD

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Post on Sun 20 Sep 2009, 7:12 pm by Dreamer

xD Yeah, it was fun. Nod

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